What is Classic Dynatrol?
Dynatrol is a unique command and control system for model railroads. The Classic Dynatrol system in particular is an analog system that can control up 18 locomotives simultaneously. It has been in use since 1980. It has stood the test of time and endured success for several decades as the easiest, simplest,and most reliable control systems. The system is responsive, not condusive to interference, and will work on any scale and size railroad.

Dynatrol – How it Operates
Classic Dynatrol operates by transmission of duty cycle modulated supersonic carrier control frequencies superimposed on the DC track propulsion voltage. These are decoded by preprogrammed receivers in the locomotive. Each throttle contains a modulator and carrier generator controlled by the throttle and brakes. The carrier signal is programmed by the Channel Plug, a precision resistor. Reversing is accomplished by phase shifting the signal a small percentage. All throttles and Wireless Base Stations operate all locomotive channels. Classic Dynatrol is not compatable with the Digital DCC Systems.
Company Info
In the 1970’s, Abbott Lahti founded Power Systems Inc. in Cambridge, Mass. PSI then developed Dynatrol, the most advanced command control system, and produced thousands of complete Dynatrol systems, of which there were several sold worldwide. In February of 2003, Dan Bucci purchased the remaining inventory and test equipment from Lahti and began Classic Dynatrol Labs. Since February of 2003, Bucci has continued to manufacture, repair, and sell Dynatrol products worldwide. Abbot Lahti, the inventor and founder of Classic Dynatrol, still deals with the newer Digital Dynatrol Systems. Click here to email us about any Dynatrol-related questions or queries. Click here to go to the Digital Dynatrol website.